2020 Meeting Minutes

July 2020 Board Meeting Minutes



Sunday July 12, 2020


President: Josh Warren 

Marketing: Dana Hanizeski

Vice-President: Brad Denning

Regional Rep: Paige Noon

Secretary: Sage Harrington

Treasurer: Darren Christensen

Membership Chair: Mandy Coates

  1. Letter re:Racism sent to IYNAUS
    1. Randy said IYNAUS would accept IMIYA’s funds from Power of Unity event to be applied to a racism audit
    2. Darren made a motion to give $6,347.47 from the Power of Unity event to IYNAUS to fund the audit. Sage seconded the motion. All members voted in favor.
    3. Once we know more about what an audit would entail we could call on other regional associations to fund this audit; Audit could proceed in this fashion:
      1. entire organization has to be on board
      2. auditor assesses the Board, looks at documents
      3. prepares interview questions, interviews Board members of national board and each regional association
      4. auditor writes up report post-interview
    4. Dana: after audit is performed, we could hire a anti-racism consultant to help us move forward
  2. Become more communicative with members
    1. Sage will post minutes on website and send minute out to membership (new newsletter format)
    2. Invite members to attend and give input
    3. Sage will include reminder in next blast to IMIYA membership (with minutes)
  3. Over email prior to this meeting, the Board voted unanimously to issue out the first $100 class pack scholarship

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