2020 Meeting Minutes

August 2020: IMIYA Board Meeting Minutes



Sunday August 16, 2020


President: Josh Warren 

Marketing: Dana Hanizeski

Vice-President: Brad Denning

Secretary: Sage Harrington

Treasurer: Darren Christensen

Membership Chair: Mandy Coates

Regional Rep: Paige Noon

IMIYA Actions pledged in our 7/4/2020 letter

  • monthly study groups
    • will meet with potential anti-racism trainers to get an idea of how to proceed
    • Sage and Dana will help lead book club study group sessions
    • refer to IYC Detroit’s “How to Start a racial affinity group” video
  • support for BIPOC Iyengar yoga groups
    • Example: IYC Detroit Equity Fund
    • POC Yoga group in Albuquerque – financial contribution (not Iyengar yoga, but Sage proposes it would indicate goodwill) Sage will reach out to them and see what their needs are)
    • Dana: Denver POC Yoga group/teachers
  • Invest a portion of monthly income from dues to support Black-owned businesses (which businesses?)
    • Hire BIPOC anti-racism trainer
      • Brad will send us Boulder-based anti-racism trainer’s information
      • Dana will get second referral
      • Sage will ask Avery for referrals as well
    • other 
  • Give scholarships to students from BIPOC communities 
    • Who else would be a good fit for these scholarships?


  • I want to add an “Anti-racism resources” page to with book, online course offerings, and other recommendations on educational material
  • Proposal on how to open Board meetings up to community input
    • Darren: open up Board meetings to membership once a quarter
    • Sage can share zoom link with IMIYA email list a week prior to meeting
    • members can listen in on meeting and submit agenda items they want to by emailing Sage ahead of time
    • Sage can screen share meeting’s agenda during the meeting


  • Does anyone have suggestions for a candidate to run social media pages? If not, could we include a call for a volunteer in the next email blast?
    • Avery volunteers a few posts per month
    • Sage will include a “Be a member of the Social Media team!” in the next email blast
  • Iyengar Yoga Outreach Fund proposal. Please find the application at
  • Darren made a motion to set aside $2500 of the $6000 scholarship monies to the Iyengar Yoga Outreach Fund. Brad seconded the motion. All members voted in favor.

IMIYA’s main objective as an organization is to share information about Iyengar Yoga. Historically, IMIYA has been a resource to current Iyengar yogis and CIYT’s. However, in this changing world we live in, we are looking to both broaden the reach of Iyengar yoga and become more inclusive within our system. To do this, we would like to connect with all CIYT’s and inform you of funds we have made available to start up outreach programs. IMIYA is especially interested in supporting programs that support BIPOC or other marginalized communities.

An outreach program would connect students who would otherwise be unaware of Iyengar yoga or unable to participate in Iyengar yoga for any reason.

We believe that by supporting special projects developed by CIYT’s this objective will be supported. This fund provides resources to CIYT’s who are interested in teaching an opportunity to initiate outreach projects of interest.

Proposed Application

Email Address

Full Name

Preferred Pronoun

Preferred Name

Racial and Ethnic Identity

Name of Class or Program you would like to fund.

Is this class currently occurring?

Describe the format of this class or program.

Why do you believe this program is a good fit for this fund?

Amount of funds you are applying for ($1250 limit).


  • IYNAUS Auditor selection process update
  • Sage will ask Avery to send an update also
  • IYNAUS Continuing Ed program is organizing some classes on specific topics that would be taught across regions…sharing the teaching. The proceeds would go towards funding scholarships and perhaps grants for each region. Would like to get input from the board regarding this idea.


– Debrief from second symposium 

– Overall scholarship program

   – Class Pass

   – YTT

   – Attendance for Workshops and Continuing Education 

   – Stipend for CIYT’s to host workshop or special classes.

– 501.3c progress and next steps

  • Brad: will send recap of application process

– Website: Sage will update:

  • IYNAUS search function (regional teachers + workshops)
  • Add IMIYA mission statement

Mandy: Create Social Media Plan

Next Meeting:

Sunday, September 20, 3pm MT

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