2020 Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes November 1, 2020


Sunday November 1, 2020


President: Josh Warren 

Marketing: Dana Hanizeski

Vice-President: Brad Denning

Secretary: Sage Harrington

Treasurer: Darren Christensen

Membership Chair: Mandy Coates




  • Goodbye to Regional Rep: Paige Noon! We miss you <3
  • Budget
    • Darren will draw up quick budget plan based on how much money we want to leave in the bank (
    • clarification of motion that Darren made at the previous meeting
  • t shirts
    • possibility of charging for tshirts in future or asking for suggested donations which would go to the scholarship programs (could include
    • Decide in January how to move forward with the batch of tshirts we currently have
    • we currently have around 250 shirts
    • average t shirt production cost is $2500 for past years
  • Scholarship Update 
    • Dana’s update:
      • 3 newest applicants (students of Avery, all applied for class pack funds)
        • waiting for confirmation of Avery’s mailing address
      • once these three are distributed, we will have used 6/10 remaining class pass funds
      • we have reached our spending limit for the year, but Rossi’s scholarship (that was not disbursed) is still included in our spending (even though it hasn’t been spent)
    • Outreach Grants and Building Bridges
      • Moving forward, we need to distribute these funds to nonprofits, cannot distribute these funds to private yoga businesses
      • Dana will talk with someone at IYNAUS to clarify what our processes need to be around disbursing these funds
  • Mission Statement 
    • Dana: align mission statement with building up a scholarship program and building bridges within larger yoga community
  • Antiracism Activities
    • Study Group
    • Workshop Last Weekend and Upcoming
  • Social Media 
    • Dana has friend who offered to help with social media; has access to instagram page; Josh will give access to facebook page
  • Board Member Terms and Transitions
    • Josh – President role expiring in January
    • Brad – Vice President role expiring in January
  • Monthly antiracism study groups
    • We have met twice already, next meeting all Board Members are invited to attend: next Saturday at 11am MT followed by:
    • IYNAUS DEIJ meeting 12:30 MT

For next meeting:

  • Mission statement: “The Intermountain BKS Iyengar Yoga Association is committed to serve the Iyengar yoga community, by offering both educational and financial resources to current Iyengar yoga teachers, Iyengar yoga students, and the wider yoga community.”

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