2021 Meeting Minutes

May 2021 Meeting Minutes


Sunday May 23, 2021

2-3 PM


President: Theresa Hartmann 

Secretary: Rebecca Wallace

Treasurer: Darren Christensen

Marketing: Dana Hanizeski

Membership Chair: Mandy Coates


Vice President: Joanne Pearson


  1. Board 
  • YCD Digital Library June – It’s possible that one board member could  hold on to tapes to be digitized, once received from Bryant, YCD owner. An IMIYA board member will be speaking with him in the upcoming week.
  • Regional Representative Update -A description will be provided this week by IYNAUS via the quarterly meeting.. There is interest from an IMIYA friend for this position. More to come soon.
  • IMIYA Friends: Member Drive – Hoping to recruit a few individuals that could serve in this role to assist Mandy with the membership drive. These would be considered temporary or 3 month positions. Possible leads are from Boulder and Carbondale areas.
  • Quarterly Meeting in August/In Person – This in person board meeting could be held concurrently with membership drive and most likely in Denver.

         2)Scholarships – Theresa indicated that  Dana gave her an update and so this was skipped for now.

  • General
  • Education
    • Teacher Training
      • Rossi’s request 
    • Continuing Education
      • New applicants


  • 501(c)3/1023 ez Update (Theresa)
    • 1023 ez / EIN issue – $245 is all it costs! IMIYA has had an EIN since 2012, Darren will receive a letter outlining acceptance of IMIYA being a 501(c)3.
  • Other (Darren)- He will transition off board after the first of the year, he will assist the new person with IRS reporting etc.


    • Membership Ideas: Scholarship Recipient Participation, Studio Visits – Theresa is doing some one on one visits and recently visited studio owners/teachers in Aspen and Carbondale. She and Rebecca will visit Santa Fe and Albuquerque in June.
    • Brainstorming by June Meeting – Darren gave a historical account of how some of the membership drives have been conducted in the past. Although the most typical were in a studio where a teacher or studio was paid to teach membership drive class, movie nights were successful too. The goal would be to build a sense of community. The idea was revisited to try a park setting that would be easily accessible and might appeal to people’s comfort levels with it being outdoors. The membership drive would also provide an avenue to distribute t-shirts that Dana has stored during the pandemic.  The time frame for the drive would be to start in August and continue through the Fall, pacing so as not to be overwhelming (possibly one/month).


  • Book Group : Interest? -Joanne enjoyed reading See No Stranger by Valerie Kaur.and Mandy suggested The Body Keeps the Score. Board members have mixed feelings about scheduling meetings to discuss a book due to everyone being busier..  Maybe book discussions could be every few months vs monthly, Maybe suggested books could be posted on the IMIYA website, book along with book share ideas. The board will continue to talk about this subject.  Theresa will look for time in June to finish White Fragility and discussion since the DEIJ meetings no longer sync with IMIYA board meeting weekends.
  • DEIJ Meeting Update: Redoing Web Page- Rebecca has edited the web page to reflect current board members, updated mission statement and removed some language from DEIJ resource page while Joanne (primarily) researches other sites and helps to rewrite IMIYA’s DEIJ page.
  • Specialized trainings, Breathe Out, Ahimsa Groups, Individual Committees – Nothing has been done on these at this time. Maybe this is an area for a new member, possibly regional rep.


  • Revised Mission Statement: “The Intermountain BKS Iyengar Yoga Association is committed to serve the Iyengar yoga community, by offering both educational and financial resources to current Iyengar yoga teachers, Iyengar yoga students and the wider yoga community.”

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