2021 Meeting Minutes

June 2021 Meeting Minutes


Sunday June 27, 2021

2-3 PM


President: Theresa Hartmann 

Vice President: Joanne Pearson

Secretary: Rebecca Wallace

Treasurer: Darren Christensen

Membership Chair: Mandy Coates

ABSENT: Marketing: Dana Hanizeski


  1. BOARD
  • Regional Quarterly Meeting Summary –Regional Rep role helps prepare for possible position on IYNAUS board
  • REQUEST of Images for IYNAUS, Let’s make it fun – ideas for images, hints, almost like a game (who is this and where), interactive game, IYNAUS social media platform is shifting to include participation from different regions

         2)SCHOLARSHIP (Dana)

  • General: We can award scholarships, as we see fit, to any yoga, student/teacher.  
  • Education
  • Albuquerque teacher expresses her gratitude for scholarship support. Willingness to invite members. Has approx. 40 regular students.
  • Continuing Education: Applicant opportunities …  Coast to Coast 

3)TREASURER (Darren)

  • 501(c)3/1023 ez Update 
    • Determination Letter Received
    • EIN Number: How shall we provide this through our membership drive and/or website, possibility of posting it on the website and/or providing if a member asks
    • Darren will stay in the treasurer position until after tax season.
    • Discussed the desire to rebuild the website and if there are funds available. As of now funds are earmarked for scholarships. There needs to be some quick research on who and how much a new website would cost.

            4) MEMBERSHIP (Mandy)

  • Membership Update: No in person gatherings yet. Interest doesn’t seem to be strong enough to pursue this. 
  •  A studio script will be created for teachers who have new students in order to encourage them to become members.
  • Online Drive October – It would be desirable to launch a new website at the same time if and only if a web designer can be found.

             5) YOGA AND EQUITY (Joanne) 

  • Book Group/Coffee talks: Board leader or IMIYA Friend to lead? 
  • July Meeting: Joann will attend   

              6) WEBSITE (Rebecca)

  • Update Site with professional help
  • Donation Button/EIN
  • Yoga and Equity Page
  • Continue to review newer sites created by IYNAUS/IYNW/IYNE…
  • Update Visuals 
  • Brainstorm ways to update / improve

              7) OUTREACH 

  • Travel to Carbondale, Aspen and Santa Fe completed
  • Durango, Telluride and Peonia are next
  • Pandemic Stress vs Opening Studio Enthusiasm – there was some discussion about a survey of studios that had been taken several years ago. Maybe this is something that would be beneficial.  Darren will see if he has any notes or will contact a previous board member who sent the surveys.

                 8) OTHER

  • IMIYA friend possibilities
  • Regional Rep needed
  • Studio News… Sante Fe, Aspen, Denver, Boulder 


  • Revised Mission Statement: “The Intermountain BKS Iyengar Yoga Association is committed to serve the Iyengar yoga community, by offering both educational and financial resources to current Iyengar yoga teachers, Iyengar yoga students and the wider yoga community.”

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