2021 Meeting Minutes

July 2021 Meeting Minutes


Thursday July 22, 2021 7-8 PM


President: Theresa Hartmann 

Secretary: Rebecca Wallace

Treasurer: Darren Christensen

Marketing: TBD

Membership Chair: Mandy Coates

ABSENT – Vice President: Joanne Pearson


  1. BOARD (Theresa)
  •  IMIYA member contact access – portal access logins have been provided by IYNAUS, each region receives 3. The board feels it is important that the membership chair be one of the 3.
  • Samachar/Light on Yoga requests – Theresa submitted an article for July edition  about teachers’ resiliency in our region and thanked the previous board members for their service (Josh, Brad, Dana)
  • Cecilia Huisman new board possibility. Trying to find the right position for her. Possibly Regional Rep. The board agreed  to invite her to the next board meeting so she can see what we discuss and how the board operates. Can also offer bilingual input for the web page.  
  • The board agreed that the board secretary should be the person to receive and respond to any questions or comments that come through the IMIYA website. 


  • General: Search for permanent marketing person
  • Darren commented that the google docs for scholarship are new since COVID. Mandy has scheduled a phone call with Dana to discuss how she previously processed scholarship requests. 
  • Education
  • Continuing Education: Applicant opportunities …  Coast to Coast 
  • Teacher Training: No formal teacher training programs exist in our region at the current time and there are still questions concerning how assessment will take place.  A couple of board members hope to speak with Leslie Bradley in hopes she might have information in this area.

3)TREASURER (Darren) 

  • Darren will prepare a detailed financial report to share with the board at one of the next 2 meetings. 
  • There’s a possibility Gary R would be interested in being the next board treasurer when Darren transitions off later this year or early 2022.
  • EIN Number : Qualifies for donations by members but not in order to use as a tax deduction since benefits are given as part of membership.
  • Membership Dues-Several board members learned during  the meeting with Mariah, IYNAUS Director of Operations, that IMIYA is the only region to offer a reduced rate for seniors and students. Mariah thinks this is a huge benefit for those wanting to renew but struggling with financial hardships. She often directs them to join our region as a way of continuing their membership. IMIYA will continue to offer senior and student rates and will evaluate whether there is a need to increase dues, but this would be a discussion for 2022 or later.

            4) MEMBERSHIP (Mandy)

  • Membership Update: IYNAUS DirectorOf Operations,  Mariah discussed how the portal access allows us to see a current membership list and our historical record of members. This can be used to consider memberships that have left or need to renew.  It can also be used to thank members for their five/ten… years of support.  
  • Studio Script Update/Date to send – Hoping to add 70 members in Albuquerque  and with Anar’s  group in Denver
  • Mandy will email the script to board members for comments before emailing to the membership.
  • Online Drive October TBD

             5) YOGA AND EQUITY (Joanne)

  • Summary of Yoga and Equity meeting on 7/24  
  • Book Cafe

              6) WEBSITE (Rebecca)

  • Update on website concerns/improvements so far/needs for future.
  • The name of Aaron Fleming, CIYT Ohio, of was provided by Mariah, IYNAUS Dir of Operation..  He has done several regional sites. A board member has reached out to speak to him about website knowledge and possibly to help us create a site more aligned with other regions and IYNAUS. More to come. 

              7) OUTREACH 

  • Travel reaction from IYNAUS
  • Durango:Telluride:Peonia next
  • Ahimsa Education

                 8) OTHER

  • IMIYA friend possibilities


Mission Statement: “The Intermountain BKS Iyengar Yoga Association is committed to serve the Iyengar yoga community, by offering both educational and financial resources to current Iyengar yoga teachers, Iyengar yoga students and the wider yoga community.”

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