Meeting Minutes

February 2022 Meeting Minutes



Thursday Feb 24, 2022 

7-8 PM



President: Theresa Hartmann 

Vice President: Joanne Pearson

Secretary: Rebecca Wallace

Treasurer: Darren Christensen

Scholarship: Mandy Coates

Membership Chair: TBD



Communications:  Cecilia Huisman 




  • Future roles to be filled




  • Checks out – 3 checks have been sent out, Mandy will send a letter out separately to each recipient, she has not been able to connect with Rossi yet
  • T-Shirts – Mandy is now in possession of IMIYA shirts that were in process just as everything closed down in March 2020. The shirts are red in color with the Sutra I.12. There are 178 shirts. They are a tri-blend material. There are 130 women’s shirts (small to XL) and 48 Unisex shirts (small to 2XL). The board discussed best way to sell and/or distribute shirts given the fact that membership is down and that it would be costly to mail shirts. Pre-pandemic, shirts were often delivered to studios where members could pick up. There was a suggestion that maybe the shirts could be sold via the IMIYA website “donate” button for $25 in order to cover the costs. No final decision was made about how to handle this. Theresa asks that all board members think about it and she would send out an email asking for a vote in the coming week.   


  • New committee/application/approach for next round of applicants


         2) MEMBERSHIP (TBD)


  • Spring Membership Drive: Should Theresa fill in until new chair is determined? 


  • Continuing Education: Events/News ahead?

Tessa: Watertown, MA : Aging Workshop: Should we continue posting? 

                                                       Monthly classes on Sundays Feb-May



           2)TREASURER (Darren) 

  • File date prior to 4/15 – Darren reported that taxes have been filed.
  • Monthly financial record in motion – Financials are now on QBs live, Darren reviewed the financials from 2018 thru 2021. He provided a thorough review of funds given out especially 2020 & 2021. In 2020, IYNAUS gave IMIYA $6374.74 from Abhijata’s Power of Unity online workshop. However, the 2020 board decided to donate the money back to IYNAUS for their work on development of the Equity and Yoga platform. In the coming week Darren will send a history of scholarship monies given out since 2016. 


IMIYA 2022 Proposed Budget 



  •  Donations $0.00 
  •  Interest $0.41  
  • Member dues $3,480.00  
  • T-shirts Sales $0.00 
  • Total Income $3,480.41 



  •  Bank Charges & Fees $285.00  
  • Quickbooks Online $312.00  
  • Website $660.00  
  • Newsletter $204.00  
  • Scholarships $6,000.00  
  • Yoga Fees $100
  • Total Expenditures $7,561.00




             3)YOGA AND EQUITY (Joanne)

  • Updated Statement that aligns with IYNAUS Equity training     
  • Yoga Equity Page: Refresh with a summary of Saturday monthly Equity series




              4) WEBSITE (Rebecca)

  • Ideas for working with Tracy and marketing: SPRING MEMBER DRIVE
  • Summary of Regional Meeting regarding websites (Theresa)




              6) OUTREACH/COMMUNICATION (Cecilia)

  • Upcoming Quarterly Regional Meetings via Basecamp
  • New communication ideas for web page/ ie:  summary of upcoming monthly Aging workshop Feb-May
  • SAMACHAR February is out!  
  • Next Blurb for April SAMACHAR: Would anyone like to write?  


                 8) OTHER

  • Take down or keep up Yoga Equity Library / vote 
  • Next Meeting, Thursday, March 24th, 2022





Mission Statement: “The Intermountain BKS Iyengar Yoga Association is committed to serve the Iyengar yoga community, by offering both educational and financial resources to current Iyengar yoga teachers, Iyengar yoga students and the wider yoga community.”


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