Meeting Minutes

March 2022 Meeting Minutes



Thursday March 24, 2022 

7-8 PM



President: Theresa Hartmann 

Vice President: Joanne Pearson

Secretary: Rebecca Wallace

Membership Chair: TBD

Communications:  Cecilia Huisman 



Treasurer: Darren Christensen

Scholarship: Mandy Coates




  • Future roles to be filled – 
    • Our region is doing really well based on scholarship giving
    • Per Base Camp meeting all regions are struggling with member retention and filling roles of board members 
    • How do we keep IMIYA going? Maybe some board members would only need to attend a few meetings per year to report on their roles (i.e. Treasurer position). This would help until board member positions could be filled. The Base Camp meeting also discussed what it would look like if regions stayed operating vs one big IYNAUS.
    • Theresa feels we should let IMIYA members know that we need board members so we can continue to give scholarships to individuals in our region
    • Theresa reported that IMIYA  lost the least % of members compared to all regions, this might be because IMIYA offers membership to seniors at a reduced rate
    • One board member commented that  maybe the focus should be more on ESL candidates taking or re-taking assessment, teaching to refugees (don’t want to stigmatized or not be aware of triggers for refugees)           



  • T-shirt update- Theresa will get the shirts from Mandy and store them (there are 178 shirts and approx 125 members).  Ideas for distribution are:
    • Invite the greater community and give t-shirts out and only ask for donations for shirts to go to scholarships
    • Create  several gatherings to distribute shirts
    • Need to start getting them out however we can 
  • New committee/application/approach for next round of applicants
  • New Teen/Children’s Scholarship available through IYNAUS (post)- Ahbijata’s teen program- Can Rebecca post on website


         2) MEMBERSHIP (TBD)

  • Spring Membership Drive: Ideas (Joanne’s thoughts) – hold off on anything with Nancy Stechert until summer so maybe it could be in person (maybe a park) vs on Zoom 
  • Continuing Education: Events/News ahead
  • Basecamp Quarterly Meeting to share (Theresa) – Some ideas that came out of the Base Camp meeting for membership drives were: Go to a state fair, rodeo, farmer’s market, set up a table, sign up members, go out to teachers and ask “what do you need”? The possible obstacle to some would be that IMIYA would have to most likely pay for booth space and also staff the event.




3)TREASURER (Darren) Darren was not able to attend today’s meeting

  • Monthly financial record in motion




             4)YOGA AND EQUITY (Joanne)

  • Updated Statement that aligns with IYNAUS Equity training     
  • Yoga Equity Page : New series beginning




              5)WEBSITE (Rebecca)

  • Ideas for working with Tracy and marketing : SPRING MEMBER DRIVE- TBD
  • Summary of Regional Meeting regarding websites and what to post- TBD



              6) OUTREACH/COMMUNICATION (Cecilia/Theresa)

  • Upcoming Quarterly Regional Meetings via Basecamp 
  • New communication ideas for web page/ ie:  summary of upcoming monthly Aging workshop Feb-May
  •  April SAMACHAR : Blurb sent  


                 8) OTHER

  • Take down or keep up Yoga Equity Library / vote – friend of Joanne (retired librarian) researched IMIYA and made suggestions about what could be done with the books (could tapes be made into CDs). Certainly there would be a cost to digitize. More discussion at next meeting.




Mission Statement: “The Intermountain BKS Iyengar Yoga Association is committed to serve the Iyengar yoga community, by offering both educational and financial resources to current Iyengar yoga teachers, Iyengar yoga students and the wider yoga community.”


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