Meeting Minutes

October 2022 Meeting Minutes



Thursday October 20, 2022

7:30-8:30 PM



Vice President: Joanne Pearson

Secretary: Rebecca Wallace

Membership Chair: TBD (visiting “Suki” Kyoung Suk Kim)

Communications:  Melisa Sweet



President: Theresa Hartmann

Treasurer:  Cecilia Huisman 

Scholarship: Mandy Coates




  • Update on IYNAUS Regional IMIYA Representative : Avery and Gretchen are in discussion
  • Update on IMIYA Membership : Meet Suki!  Introduce yourselves (briefly) Ask Suki if she has questions at the end of the meeting.  Allow her time to introduce herself.  
  • Theresa will be out of contact till October 31st.  Joanne as Vice President will run meeting and review board minutes from Rebecca week following
  • Board Meetings Remaining for 2022 : 11/17 and 12/15.  We can review the day/time for 2023 incoming president and board in January.           


       1)SCHOLARSHIP (MANDY) Will discuss in November due to Mandy’s absence today

  • Update provided from Social
  • New committee/application/approach for next round of applicants – It was suggested that the board rethink and rewrite the criteria for scholarships in 2023, maybe offering tiered amounts. Also the board will need to make the conditions for receiving and reporting on how funds are used clear when scholarships are offered. Melisa suggested getting testimonials from previous scholarship recipients as a way of inviting more to apply. 


         2) MEMBERSHIP (Suki is visiting the meeting, considering this role)


  • Review of membership role for Suki – Mandy had written the role duties and these were shared with Suki. Upon further review the role duties were edited. 
  • Example of past work of member chairs – discussed planning and executing member socials
  • Suki  asked  about the amount of time needed for this position. She is starting a new full time job in the coming week. Melisa shared that she is a full time working mother and still has time for her board position and that all the board is supportive of one another  and also a reminder that we are all volunteers. Suki also asked about possible funding for a Korean class she will soon start teaching and plans to offer for free. It was explained that board members are not allowed funding directly in this manner as it may be a conflict of interest. Further, in accordance with Colorado 501(c)3 law, board members cannot receive scholarships during and after their term for the remainder of one year.
  • Suki shared that she continues to develop her English communication skills. Her greatest challenge is email communication. 
  • Member Survey to develop in January.  IYASE has an excellent template shared.


              3)TREASURER (Cecilia) – Will discuss in November 

  • Cecilia’s IN!
  • All Wells Fargo banking paperwork is completed.
  • Is January the first Quarterly report:update?             



             4)YOGA AND EQUITY (Joanne)

  • Updated Statement that aligns with IYNAUS Equity training : received, Thank you Joanne, still developing
  • Yoga Equity and Board Diversification efforts – The IYNAUS site has scaled back on their website in this area. It was suggested that IMIYA update the diversity statement and make the resource list more concise. Joanne reported that this is in process. 




              5)WEBSITE (Rebecca) – Will discuss in November when more members are present

  • Shall we post/make available a new member survey?  Template available from IYASE… Theresa sent to all board members on 10/7
  • Cecilia and Theresa started a member survey and decided to use uniformity of IYASE work.  It’s excellent.  Reshape for our region…      


              6) OUTREACH/COMMUNICATION (Melisa)

  • Upcoming Quarterly Regional Meetings via Basecamp 
  • Instagram update…- Melisa reports she is mainly reposting and that there is not so much new content. She thinks it would be nice to have some philosophical posts. She is creating and evolving her role and position. 

                 7) OTHER

  • Take down or keep up Yoga Equity Library / vote 
  • Any HIGH DREAMS for IMIYA’s next six months- as a board we will decide what our priorities are and what vision we have for he coming months.
  • Calendar set for Board Meetings Oct-December.  Revisit Calendar in January, discuss as board day/time of meetings
  • Share: How is everything going balancing board work and home life?  Can we help each other?
  • Negative declarations vs Constructive reflection : GREAT JOB staying constructive ALL!
  • Do we want to add to our mission statement as our board diversifies further?





Mission Statement: “The Intermountain BKS Iyengar Yoga Association is committed to serve the Iyengar yoga community, by offering both educational and financial resources to current Iyengar yoga teachers, Iyengar yoga students and the wider yoga community.”


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