Meeting Minutes

December 2022 Meeting Minutes



Thursday December 15, 2022

7:30-8:30 PM



Vice President: Joanne Pearson

Secretary: Rebecca Wallace

Treasurer:  Cecilia Huisman 

Scholarship: Mandy Coates

Membership Chair: TBD (visiting “Suki” Kyoung Suk Kim)

Communications:  Melisa Sweet



President: Theresa Hartmann


Check in: How is everyone as holiday approaches – each member spoke for a few minutes





  • Update on IYNAUS Regional IMIYA Representative : Avery and Gretchen are in discussion, Melissa confirmed during tonight’s meeting that Avery is, in fact, the IYNAUS Representative
  • Update on IMIYA Membership Position : Update on Suki considering membership – requires teamwork, we are all here to support her, Suki is “up to a challenge”, Mandy encouraged Suki to ask questions, we as a board can devote more time at January meeting to discussing planning events, use the event from August 2022 as a springboard for future events, possible event April 2023, plan the events for all of 2023 gear towards different people, expand awareness of students attending classes, for the January meeting each board member has been asked to  come up with one or 2 ideas for events
  • IYNAUS update : New EC liaison to Regional Meetings – No report at this time
  • Transference of President title through Secretary of State Colorado in progress – should happen in timely manner, Theresa is working on this 
  • Bylaws to begin reviewing/updating – maybe as a group read at January meeting, make sure all board members have them prior to January meeting
  • IYNAUS- Light on Research-November 11, 2022 . Was anyone able to attend? Melisa reported she has a link and that the video is 4 hrs in length, she also mentioned the 2nd and 3rd segments of the Trauma Series are very good and insightful




  • New committee/application/approach for next round of applicants – Mandy created a committee. Members are: Susan Abernathy and  Pescia Lenczner. They have had one meeting and will meet again in January. The committee created a letter to be sent to previous recipients about how funds have been used. The previous recipients have 12 months to use funds and report. Mandy would like to launch the  next scholarship push after the  January 2023 meeting. The committee suggests funding 2 scholarships for the National Convention being held in May.  Mandy also plans to  talk to a new teacher about a scoliosis workshop.
  • Further discussion on tiered amounts and how scholarships to be used. Application needs to reflect how the scholarship may be used (educational) (Non profit status) – Melisa shared ideas since Mandy was absent when we discussed at the November meeting. These scholarships would be lesser amounts (around $200).
  • Outreach success


         2) MEMBERSHIP 

  • Update on role for Suki
  • Example of past work of the member chair completed – Mandy said she was unable to do much in this position due to the pandemic. The only event she was able to put on was the August 2022 social gathering. 
  • Member Survey to develop in January.  IYASE has an excellent template shared – Rebecca will send survey to all members




              3)TREASURER (Cecilia) 

  • Cecilia on paperwork listed with state 
  • Brief update to our financial status as we enter 2023 – There is roughly $17,000 across the IMIYA accounts. The board only spent about half of what was budgeted for 2022 scholarships due to low number of applicants
  •  January 2023 Ceceila will provide the first financial update once she can close out the 2022 financial year



             4)YOGA AND EQUITY (Joanne) – no discussion tonight, this topic will be placed early on the agenda for the January 2023 board meeting.

  • Updated Statement that aligns with IYNAUS Equity training
  • In process
  • Streamline book list
  • Other thoughts to keep this welcoming and educational





  • Shall we post/make available a new member survey?  Template available from IYASE… Theresa sent to all board members on 10/7, the board will decide on this during January 2023 meeting
  • Cecilia and Theresa started a member survey and decided to use uniformity of IYASE work. We’ll look to reshape it for our region.




              6) OUTREACH/COMMUNICATION (Melisa)

  • Upcoming Quarterly Regional Meetings via Basecamp – Melisa is not sure how to attend and needs to get more information
  • Instagram update- It’s possible that Sawyer Ward can contribute some philosophical content for Instagram posts.
  • What is our intention for the social media platform ? – Mainly Melisa reposts information from other sources related to Iyengar Yoga, several comments were made and shared, ultimately IMIYA needs a cohesive vision about how best to use this social media platform


                 7) OTHER

  • Take down or keep up Yoga Equity Library / vote – Maybe Avery could help review and comment
  • Creativity for IMIYA
  • IYNAUS CONVENTION- May 15-20,2023
  • Review and update Bylaws(January))
  • IMIYA gathering(s) for 2023.
  • Maintain positive focus
  • Do we want to add to or edit  our mission statement as our board diversifies further?
  • Next Meeting January 19, 2023









Mission Statement: “The Intermountain BKS Iyengar Yoga Association is committed to serve the Iyengar yoga community, by offering both educational and financial resources to current Iyengar yoga teachers, Iyengar yoga students and the wider yoga community.”


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