Meeting Minutes

January 2023 Board Meeting Minutes



Thursday January 19, 2023

7:30 PM



 President:: Joanne Pearson

Vice President: TBD

Secretary: Rebecca Wallace

Treasurer:  Cecilia Huisman 

Scholarship: Mandy Coates

Membership:Suki Kim Koyoung

Communications:  Melisa Sweet

Past President: Theresa Hartman





  •  Avery Kapela: IYNAUS REP – Joanne will contact to see how they will interface with IMIYA, pretty rigorous contract, 3 yrs position, Theresa saw the application and told IYNAUS that it was over the top, probably why IYNAUS cannot fill these positions, worthy of CE credit  
  • Update on IMIYA Membership Position : Suki kim Kyoung voted membership chair unanimously
  • IYNAUS update : New Executive Committee  liaison to Regional Meeting: Theresa Hartmann (Past President) has offered to continue in this position however can’t because she is not on the board anymore, maybe Melisa could attend? She would like to but has never gotten any information about the Base Camp meetings. 
  • Bylaws to begin reviewing/updating –  Please review current Bylaws.- we’ll devote 20-30 mins  at the next meeting  which has been moved to February 23rd, 2023 at 7pm.
  • Samachar- Joanne submitted a piece  for the December 2022 community section. She had thought it would have been edited but it was printed with no edits. Theresa wonders if the previous Samachar editor, Jenny, is no longer in this position.  Who is interested to write the next request? Last 2 publications the topics were provided. It’s possible that The Light and Samachar could be merging. Our board could be a topic to write on with 3 of our 6 members holding either dual citizenship or a permanent green card. 




  •       New committee/application/approach for next round of applicants – 5 applications have been submitted for the scholarships for the National Convention. Mandy has a meeting tomorrow with the committee to review. It appears 2 of the 5 applicants are not IMIYA members. Scholarship deadline is February 1st. Mandy said the committee will have their recommendations to the board very soon after the deadline. 


         2) MEMBERSHIP (Suki)

  •    Member Survey/ ? edit IYASE survey. What will we gain? – at this time IMIYA may not need a survey as our board has a direction/vision to give scholarships and build membership. Maybe a survey will be more useful in about a year. 
  •    IMIYA gathering:2023 – Plan for a lateSpring or Summer gathering, also have an IMIYA photo of attendees at the National Convention, start planning in March for Summer get together, encourage “bring a friend” to try building members



              3)TREASURER (Cecilia) 


  • Brief update to our financial status as we enter 2023- Due to significant drop in membership, in 2022 IMIYA received only $2595 in dues vs $3480 in 2021. Current bank balance is $16,700.
  • BUDGET: 2023 – Vote on at next meeting 



             4)YOGA AND EQUITY (Joanne) 

  • Updated Statement that aligns with IYNAUS Equity training – Joanne is working on this
  • Streamline book list – leave for now, if a survey was created a question could be asked about whether or not people use the book list, Joanne looked at another website where the book list was categorized




              5)WEBSITE (Rebecca)

  • Brief Update – in future make the website more user friendly so that current happenings are easier to see. Hopefully the next Secretary will have WordPress experience. 
  • Scholarship application information posted under “Scholarships and Grants”




             6) OUTREACH/COMMUNICATION (Melisa)

  • Basecamp – Theresa will contact IYNAUS on behalf of Melisa  
  • Social Media – she needs input from us, need to dial it in a little bit, for example every month have a philosophy post and workshop post, Suki suggested maybe a very basic sequence maybe by an IMIYA member might draw young people, “challenge accepted”
  • Scholarship Applications(5)- Melisa posted on Instagram 


                 7) OTHER


  • Review and update Bylaws(January) – time will be allotted for the board to read and discuss at February 23rd, 2023 meeting
  • Board Member contact/meeting dates created by Rebecca – all members received them





Mission Statement: “The Intermountain BKS Iyengar Yoga Association is committed to serve the Iyengar yoga community, by offering both educational and financial resources to current Iyengar yoga teachers, Iyengar yoga students and the wider yoga community.”


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