Meeting Minutes

February 2023 Board Meeting Minutes



Thursday FEBRUARY 23, 2023

7:00-8:30 PM



 President: Joanne Pearson

Vice President: open

Secretary: Rebecca Wallace

Treasurer:  Cecilia Huisman 

Scholarship: Mandy Coates

Membership:Suki Kim Koyoung

Communications:  Melisa Sweet




  • Update on IYNAUS Regional IMIYA Representative : Avery Kapala has been invited to the March 16, 2023 board meeting. Joanne sent an email requesting Avery update us on IYNAUS and asked Avery to explain the role of the regional representative. The board would also like to know how Avery plans to represent IMIYA and the preferred method of communication between Avery and IMIYA.
  • IYNAUS update : New EC (Executive Council) liaison to Regional Meetings – No report at this time
  • Gretchen House sent a survey to find out when it would be best to conduct Basecamp Meetings. Melisa will be representing IMIYA at these meetings. There has not been any information or invitation to attend yet. 
  • Joanne(President) introduced herself to Gretchen House and told her Melisa Sweet will be the IYNAUS  EC liaison. Gretchen asked for Membership Chair (Suki’s) contact info which was provided. 
  • Transference of President title through Secretary of State Colorado in progress – should happen in a timely manner, Theresa (Past President) is assisting with this.
  • President has completed the change of names on Wells Fargo acct to President, Joanne Pearson and Treasurer, Cecilia Huisman. Joanne will be receiving a debit card from the bank.
  • Bylaw Update – Some time was spent reviewing and editing the existing bylaws. It will take several monthly meetings to get through the bylaws. 
  • IYNAUS is providing scholarship money of $950 to each region. Per Gloria Goldberg, IYNAUS President the money can  be split up anyway the region decides, however, no IMIYA board members are eligible.        



  • Update on scholarship applications/ recommendations – Mandy has sent the letters out to the people who have received a scholarship. This week she will notify those individuals who will not be receiving scholarship money. . Mandy will meet with the scholarship committee and discuss another round of scholarships that will come out after the convention.


  • Suki and Joanne received an email from the IYNAUS President regarding a $100 fee to use the Iyengar Yoga registered trademark. This matter will be forwarded to Cecilia, Treasurer, for payment. 

3) TREASURER (Cecilia)  

  • The board needs to approve a budget for 2023 and will do so at the March 16, 2023 meeting. This will allow for better planning of scholarships, member events, etc….         

4) YOGA AND EQUITY (Joanne) 

  • Review updated IMIYA website statement and book list. How can IMIYA make this better? Should the board update the statement to align with IYNAUS’ Equity Training (found under TEACH tab on IYNAUS website) ?   
  • The board is still unsure what to do with the library resources. They are currently in 3 boxes at the past president’s home. We could reach out to IMIYA members or contact IYNAUS Archives for ideas. 
  • Some thoughts from the board: the resources could expand beyond “race”. However, maybe best to keep things yoga related and to focus around the yamas and niyamas.  Melisa could post on IG something like “check out these amazing resources available though IYNAUS”.  Melisa volunteered to assist in rewriting a statement for IMIYA regarding equity and yoga.                            


5) WEBSITE (Rebecca)  

  • The website could use some updating and refreshing. Perhaps there is an IMIYA member who has knowledge of WordPress. The challenge is that the way the website looks now, a person has to really look and dig to find information regarding scholarships being offered. Also, Rebecca’s term as Secretary ends March 2023 and the person who she is soliciting for the position has had previous experience with WordPress. Rebecca will speak to this person in the coming days. The board supports inviting that person to the March board meeting. More to come on this.       


  • Upcoming Quarterly Regional Meetings via Basecamp – 
  • Social Media communication – where do we want to take this? Mostly reposting. Posting is quick. If content were to be generated, it would require more time and effort. 
  • once a week a sutra, once a week a sequence, yoga challenge ideas
  • When searching Iyengar Yoga, mostly see sequences
  • Having something rotating and all board members contributing 
  • We have 691 followers on IG, our views are 10-20 
  • Suki commented she personally tries to post one yoga pose or video weekly to keep herself motivated
  • Suki and Melisa will collaborate on social media ideas


  • IMIYA gathering(s) for 2023: TB
  • IYNAUS Convention-May 15 – 20, 2023 – IMIYA May meeting could be scheduled during the convention (TBD).



  “Yoga allows you to find an inner peace that is not ruffled and riled by the endless struggles of life.” BKS



Mission Statement: “The Intermountain BKS Iyengar Yoga Association is committed to serve the Iyengar yoga community, by offering both educational and financial resources to current Iyengar yoga teachers, Iyengar yoga students and the wider yoga community.”


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