2023 Meeting Minutes Meeting Minutes

June 2023 Board Meeting Minutes



Thursday June 29, 2023

7:30 PM



 President: Joanne Pearson

Vice President: Open position

Secretary: Rebecca Wallace/Charlotte Hardwicke

Treasurer:  Cecilia Huisman 

Scholarship: Mandy Coates

Membership: Suki Kim (Kyoung Suk Kim)

Communications:  Melisa Sweet

Guest: Alyssa Sikora – absent





  • IYNAUS Convention Update
    • Brief summary of May meeting at convention: Board members, Sarah, Kara Durland, Colorado Springs, Veronica, Joe, Marty Grohe & Rebecca, Susan Abernathy (YCD); Nicole Murphy (Longmont); Kelly Moore (Living Yoga); K-Lea Gifford, (Durango); Nancy Stechert (Paonia), Sarah Eastman Bond, Arizona; Mark Pera, Albuquerque,NM.
    • Rebecca/Charlotte will document May minutes.
    • Successful meeting. Many voiced a concern about  maintaining and building community after the pandemic. Yoga Center of Denver is no longer an Iyengar-only space. Is there a way for IMIYA to keep building a community there?  Joe and Veronica reported there continues to be Iyengar classes and community.
  • IMIYA Vice president position: Rebecca Wallace interested following completion of Secretary Position. Joanne will talk with Rebecca re VP position
  • Bylaws. Reviewing and revising the bylaws during the meeting is cumbersome and it might be easier to work on this separately. Discussion over whether the board needs legal counsel to revise bylaws. The board is allowed to revise them. Once the bylaws are revised by IMIYA, they will be reviewed by legal counsel. Joanne will check with Rebecca to see if she is willing to spearhead a bylaws subcommittee.
    • Question: Does the board need to have insurance?
  • Future vision for serving and  building community, membership, and funds. 


  • Update and discussion for future monies
    • Possibility of having another scholarship offering later in the year. $1404 remaining from budget. Discussed possible ideas for scholarships.
    • Ideas
      • 10-pack of classes to a studio but it would have to be an Iyengar studio. 
      • Registration for the convention to access videos. $299 for registration. How long would they have to access videos?
      • Online Iyengar classes and workshops
      • Could we do a draw/raffle at the in-person gathering for those who bring someone who joins IMIYA?
      • Promote scholarships on social media. Asana challenges. 
      • Nancy Stechert workshop August 4-6
    • Scholarship timing
      • Board would like to announce a scholarship offering at the late summer  in-person gathering. Apply in fall or early 2024. 


  •  IMIYA Gathering late summer or fall
    • IMIYA Gathering at church (100 Carr St and Lakewood) – Saturday, September 9th     
    • Leslie’s idea included having yoga instruction from 11-12:30p followed by adjustments. Potluck 1:00 – 3:00p with time for Q&A. Discussion around the in-person gathering schedule. Mandy will talk with Leslie.
    • Yoga instruction to include the adjustments followed by Q&A and then the potluck.
    • Discussion over holding a membership drive as part of the gathering.  Suggestion for a member to bring a friend and introduce them to Iyengar Yoga.
  • Interview scholarship recipients and post on social media. Use of photos taken at IYNAUS Convention for Social media.
  • Reposting IYNAUS videos and pics on IMIYA instagram
  • Interview with Nancy Stechert from IYNAUS. Suki will send the video to Melissa and she will post it. 
    • Could we ask Joe from Yoga Center of Denver to do a video about his experience at the Convention?
  • Normally when we provide scholarships, we ask them to provide a statement about their experience. Situation different for online attendees as they could still be working through the recordings. Could we ask online scholarship recipients to provide a 30-second video about their experience that we could include on Instagram?
    • Online scholarship recipients
      • Bobbie  Fultz
      • Josephine
      • Deb Baker
      • Angie Woyar

 3) TREASURER (Cecilia)        

  • Update
    • Checking: $ 13,066.88
    • Savings: $ 4,034.39
    • Paypal: $327.48
  • Membership check from IYNAUS –  $2,025 
  • IYNAUS has refunded scholarship money – $598 for refund for 2 online scholarships which they sponsored.
  • We have used $1,796 of our 2023 $3,200 proposed budget 
  • How much is left in the scholarship budget for this year? $1404 remaining. Mandy will send an email to the IMIYA Board.
  • Quickbooks questions. Cecilia can ask Christina.

4) YOGA AND EQUITY (Melisa/Joanne)

  •  Review IYNAUS and other chapter websites. 
    • What creative approaches can IMIYA take?
    • Go look at Yoga and Equity on IYNAUS site. More streamlined. Has links that take you to different resources.
  • Library resources. Currently in storage.  Seek assistance from IYNAUS ARCHIVES. Joanne has emailed Kathleen Quinn, but has not had a response.
    • Mandy and Joanne talked with Kathleen Quinn who is head of IYNAUS archives. Starchive is a resource that turns things into CDs and other media. 
    • Board could inquire whetherDenver Public Library could provide a shelf for Iyengar Yoga archives. May need to review materials and decide what is worth archiving. 


5) WEBSITE (Rebecca/Charlotte)  

  • Ideas for update and revision.
    • Update Meet the Board page
  • Annie Catura is interested in assisting. Suggests changing to Square for ease and more options.


  • Social Media communication 



  “  Nothing can be forced. Receptivity is everything. ” BKS


Mission Statement: “The Intermountain BKS Iyengar Yoga Association is committed to serve the Iyengar yoga community, by offering both educational and financial resources to current Iyengar yoga teachers, Iyengar yoga students and the wider yoga community.”


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