Meeting Minutes

July 2023 Board Meeting Minutes


Thursday, July 20th, 7:30 PM



President: Joanne Pearson
Vice President: Rebecca Wallace
Secretary: Charlotte Hardwicke
Treasurer:  Cecilia Huisman
Scholarship: Mandy Coates
Membership: Suki Kim (Kyoung Kim Suk) – absent
Communications:  Melisa Sweet
Regional Rep to IYNAUS- Avery Kapala – absent
Guests: Alyssa Sikora – visitor at large
             Annie Catura – website – absent



  • Introductions: Alyssa Sikora
  • Avery Kapala – IYNAUS update ( AVERY TO BE ADDED TO Agenda and Minutes – will join as able)
  • IYNAUS is looking to have regions share what they are doing. Social Media info can be sent directly to Skyler Christensen (Charlotte will look for email) to announce IMIYA  gathering in September. Needs to be in educational format  or some kind of interesting content- a reel- share an idea and the event. No flyers.
  • IYNAUS Instagram  PAGE- VIDEOS and informative content
    • Substack – IYNAUS will start using Substack and will be looking for articles to post on IYNAUS.
  • Scholarship – Mandy Coates
    • September 9th gathering  – Mandy talked with Leslie and shared our ideas from June meeting. Leslie would like to have the class from 11-12:30p. She would like everyone to teach a pose along the lines of something you learned at the convention or something that inspired from another venue. The meeting could start with a 15 minute discussion about how things have changed since the pandemic. For the hands-on adjustment portion, Leslie could show the adjustments on someone or it could be done in small groups. Leslie wants to have more community involvement at the gathering.
    • Ideas for the gathering:
      • Leslie will confirm with the church and send a list of poses to the Teachers’ class. Could Leslie teach for 30 minutes and then have some small groups practice adjustments? Leslie could teach an adjustment and then small groups could practice it on each other. She could share some common hands-on adjustments. Individuals could teach a pose and then Leslie could share a hands-on adjustment.
      • Sign-up sheet for poses
      • Timing – Leslie suggests having it from 11-4p. The Board suggests having the class from 11-1p and then having the potluck afterward.
      • T-shirts:  Mandy will bring the remaining t-shirts and those who attend will get a shirt for free and have the opportunity to buy a t-shirt for a friend/family member.
      • Promoting the event: Email blast and other avenues for sharing the September 9th. Leslie will email group members to let them know when the church venue is confirmed. 
      • IMIYA presentation: The board will introduce themselves at gathering and share what the regional board does for members. This intro probably won’t take more than 15 minutes.
    • Scholarship question about the RIMYI institute in India in 2024. The institute is definitely a scholarship option. Discussion over offering the price of the registration fee for the institute similar to the convention.
      • Discussion about sharing the scholarship opportunities at the meeting. What if we had a scholarship application with five questions? What do you think you need support for? What are their needs to help them along the Iyengar path? Mandy will ask the scholarship committee to get examples of applications.
  • Outreach/Communication – Suki Kyoung Kim/Melisa Sweet
    • Plans for September 9th gathering- Building Iyengar Community
    • Could we ask Lisa and Angie if we could promote their class on IMIYA instagram? They would promote IMIYA in their classes. She asks because after Lisa’s class was shared on IMIYA, we received a lot more followers. 
    • Teachers need to post their classes so IMIYA can promote on Instagram.
    • Alyssa is interested in taking over Melisa’s role with social media. Melisa will remain on the board to help as needed.
  • Membership – Suki
    • Online scholarship recipient interviews. Mandy asked Angie if she would be willing and when she finishes the convention recording, she would be happy to do an interview.
  • Website – Charlotte Hardwicke
    • Site assessment and changes with WordPress
    • Add links to IYNAUS website.
    • Updated Board members page
    • Annie Catura- Suggestions for use of SQUARE PLATFORM
    • Discussion over hiring a website developer
    • Charlotte – Change email for Constant Contact.
  • Treasurer – Cecilia Huisman
    • Mandy can share amount needed for the September 9th meeting. If Mandy knows amount, share with Cecilia so she can  get the money in advance.
  • BY-LAWS – Rebecca Wallace to lead
    • Rebecca has some ideas for how to proceed with revising the by-laws. Previously, we used a google doc to revise by-laws. The goal is to have them complete and looked at by an attorney by Fall 2023. Rebecca will talk with Joanne and reach out to any other board members if she needs any help.
  • Library resources – no new report


“Yoga allows you to rediscover a sense of wholeness in your life, where you do not feel like you are constantly trying to fit the broken pieces together. “ BKS Iyengar – Light on Life




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