Meeting Minutes

August 2023 Board Minutes


Thursday, August 17th, 7:30 PM

President: Joanne Pearson
Vice President: Rebecca Wallace
Secretary: Charlotte Hardwicke
Treasurer:  Cecilia Huisman
Scholarship: Mandy Coates
Membership: Suki Kim (Kyoung Kim Suk) (absent)
Communications: Alyssa Sikora (absent)
                             Melisa Sweet (absent)
Regional Rep to IYNAUS – Avery Kapala (absent)


  • IMIYA gathering – Sept 9, 2023 – Melisa, Mandy, Suki
    • 11a-3p
    • Cost of venue
    • Cecilia will bring checkbook to pay for church fees. 
    • Set-up
    • Mandy has a key to Blue Spruce and will get there early around 10:30a. We won’t set up for potluck until after the yoga. Dishes can go in the kitchen.
    • Mandy will transport IMIYA library from Teresa (Rebecca is offering to host the library (4 large plastic containers) for now). Mandy is picking it up at the end of August.
    • Should the Board display some of the library/records at the gathering?
  • Raffle?
    • Possible Prizes  – Classes at Leslie’s, Blocks from the convention, props from Hardwood Yoga props (slanting planks), long straps. Maybe some kind of craft (Amy B. jewelry, anyone else we know who does yoga crafts, Sawyer cd or book)
    • Raffle logistics – Mandy has tickets, write their name on the back of it and then we will need someone to draw a ticket.
    • Could Alyssa and Suki handle the raffle?
  • Email on Constant Contact 
    • Charlotte will send out one week in advance. We could add raffle prizes to the email.
  • Items to bring
    • Drinks (water, lemonade, sparkling water) 
    • Name tags
    • Music. Do we want to have any kind of recorded or live music?
    • Potluck supplies – Do an inventory (cutlery, napkins, plates, cups). Church kitchen has some supplies. Charlotte will bring tablecloths.
    • Mandy bringing t-shirts. Do we sell the T-shirts? Donations accepted. We will need a donation basket
    • Sign-up sheet. Signatures and names need to be legible. Do we want to link the raffle to the sign-up sheet? Maybe someone could bring a laptop and we could have people sign up. Bring the current membership list and have people check their name off.
  • Yoga class – Mandy will ask Leslie if she has had any offers. Discussed a few possibilities of who could teach a pose (Peggy, Brad, Debra, Kathy R., Sawyer). Joanne could text Leslie if any of the Boulder people are coming and if they would teach a pose. Joanne will check with Sawyer to see if she is coming. It would be nice to have her lead the chant.
    • Scholarship opportunities – Mandy will share.
    • Share attendance at convention, IMIYA pic
  • Scholarship – Mandy Coates
    • Mandy has a meeting with the Scholarship Committee to come up with the next scholarship opportunity in September. Should we announce it at the gathering? Yes
  • Outreach/Communication – Melisa, Suki, Alyssa
  • Membership – Suki
  • Website – Charlotte Hardwicke
    • Let’s update what we currently have. If you are new to Board, or have not posted a Bio, please send  a brief bio to Charlotte to post. Charlotte is reaching out to members for updated bio.
    • DEIJ – statement for website. Link to IYNAUS.
  • Treasurer – Cecilia Huisman
    • IMIYA Board received a membership check of $465 (these payments come every 3 months). This payment brings our total up to $2490. 
  • BY-LAWS – Rebecca
    • Rebecca will reach out to see if she can get some advice on the legal aspect of updating the by-laws.
  • DEIJ – Melisa/Joanne
    • Discussion over DEIJ statement
  • Library resources – Joanne


“Yoga is firstly for individual growth, but through individual growth, society and community develops.” BKS IYENGAR – Light on Life




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