2024 Meeting Minutes Meeting Minutes

May 2024 – Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, May 15, 7:30PM


President: Joanne Pearson
Vice President: Rebecca Wallace
Secretary: Charlotte Hardwicke
Treasurer:  Cecilia Huisman (Absent)
Scholarship: Mandy Coates
Membership: Kyoung Suk Kim
Communications:  Alyssa Sikora 




  • SCHOLARSHIP (Mandy Coates)  
    • Next scholarship offering. The Board will announce the next in-person offering.
    • Mandy/Charlotte will prepare the scholarship form and have it up before the announcement.
  • MEMBERSHIP (Kyoung Suk Kim) 
    •  Suki will update the flyer for the gathering. The board decided to use the link rather than purchase QR code. Board discussed where to distribute it – at Parkhill Yoga, Clearlight Yoga, IYCD. 
    • The Board discussed how many flyers to print – 75 to 100. Suki will look around and investigate options.
  • TREASURER (Cecilia Huisman) 
    • Cecilia out of the country.
    • Board discussed moving the IMIYA funds from checking to savings. Future discussions over what to do with the money and how to better invest it. 
  • YOGA AND EQUITY (Charlotte Hardwicke, Joanne Pearson) 
  • WEBSITE (Charlotte Hardwicke)  
    • GoDaddy – Support. The account information needs to be transferred over from Darren to IMIYA Board.  
    • Motion to vote – Charlotte will send an email with the exact language for the Board to vote about moving forward with website redesign.
  • OUTREACH/COMMUNICATION (Alyssa Sikora, Kyoung Suk Kim) 
  • By Laws – Rebecca Wallace
    • Joanne and Rebecca tackled one of the harder sections of the by-laws. Goal is that in the next few weeks they will have working drafts. Ramona Atencio will review the by-laws.
  • Discussion about potential gathering in June: 
    • 6/15 or 6/29 @Blue Spruce. Board discussed pros and cons of both dates. More board members available for 6/15.
    • Time. We discussed starting at 11. Yoga starts at 11:30a and going until 12:30. First teacher teaches for 20 min and Deb teaches for 30-35 minutes. Start serving the food and have the meeting. This is an opportunity for us to talk with our members and announce the scholarship. Need to talk about that it is a volunteer-driven organization and need people to step up and take part. Chant – Ask Sawyer or Leslie to do the chant. 
    • Focus for teaching – Teacher 1 teaching more introductory poses. Deb Baker teaching Level 3 poses
    • General member Meeting – Announcement about the scholarship
    • Recruiting Board/volunteers. Need a spreadsheet of past IMIYA members
    • Potluck. Vegetarian Food that doesn’t have to be warmed up. We’ll bring the beverages.
    • Other – T-shirts, Flyer
  • VegFest (July 27th)
    • Joanne has secured event insurance for VegFest.
    • The Board wants to have the flyer for VegFest. 
    • The Board discussed having a GoogleMap with pinned studios or a link to all the studios.
    • The tentative plan is to have a 10-15 min Yoga class at the beginning of the hour. 
    • The Board discussed what we need to bring for the booth. Tents, tables, signage. It might be good to have a whiteboard to announce the next yoga class or other items.
    • Discussion over display and signage at VegFest. What would it cost to have a table cloth or banner printed? Local printers?
    • Swag. The board discussed making stickers and bringing shirts to sell and/or giveaway.

“Yoga is a mirror to look at ourselves from within.” BKS Iyengar

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