2024 Meeting Minutes Meeting Minutes

June 2024 – Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, June 19, 7:30PM


President: Joanne Pearson
Vice President: Rebecca Wallace
Secretary: Charlotte Hardwicke
Treasurer:  Cecilia Huisman
Scholarship: Mandy Coates (absent)
Membership: Kyoung Suk Kim
Communications:  Alyssa Sikora 



  • IYNAUS update/BYLAWS (Rebecca Wallace)
    • The by-laws are 80% complete. Other regional associations have done a good job updating their bylaws during COVID. Rebecca synthesized their ideas with IYNAUS by-laws and incorporated them to fit IMIYA needs and requirements. A draft has been shared with Ramona.
  • MEMBERSHIP/ Bifold  update) (Kyoung Suk Kim
    • The brochure design is finished. The brochure will be a bifold. Board needs to make a decision on the number of copies.  The board discussed whether to with matte/glossy and thickness of cardstock. Pricing: 100 copies with matte finish – $135. Glossy finish – $163. In the future, we may  want to send brochures to other studios.
  • TREASURER (Cecilia Huisman) 
    • Board is seeking to fill the Treasurer position before October 2024.
    • The Board discussed the scholarship amount for fall 2024.
    • The Board discussed checking and savings accounts ($4000) and whether to keep both. Rebecca will talk to other people and gain some insight.  
  • WEBSITE (Charlotte Hardwicke) Update regarding moving forward with Third Angle/fees/ initial meeting
    • The project Kick-off meeting will be scheduled after agreement is signed. All are welcome to attend. If not attending, updates will be shared via email and at the Board meetings.
  • IMIYA Gathering- Finalize Plans and get communication out ASAP  
    • August 24 – Deb Baker has accepted the offer to teach and is looking forward to it. The Board discussed the schedule and who will be leading each part.  Intro poses leading up to Level 2. Chant TBD. Savasana TBD. Chant/Meditation TBD. There will be a vegetarian potluck but the oven is not available. IMIYA will bring drinks. There will be a raffle. Board members can inquire about having items donated. We would need to have them a few weeks prior to August 24th. The Board can discuss offline exactly what each person is going to bring. Mandy likely has a list of what is needed. After the class and when everyone’s eating, there will be a quick meeting and announce that we are actively looking for board members. The Board would love to have more input from various backgrounds. 
    • Alyssa will add the August gathering to the newsletter. A separate communication will be sent in mid-July and in August. Leslie Bradley can also send it out to her distribution list. Make communication more general – Led practice/class and potluck
    • Joanne will talk directly with Leslie about the chant and savasana. Kate Warner led the last one in September. 
    • The cost to rent Blue Spruce is around $100.
    • VegFest – No table. We will have a booth. Alyssa will teach class from 8:30-9:30a and we can have a table near the class. We will need to bring a table. Alyssa can teach the class while two or three other people man the table. Do people manning the table need to buy the VegFest ticket since the class happens before VegFest officially opens? Rebecca, Joanne, and Charlotte can man the table. Once the class is over, we’ll hang out for a little while and then take off. 
    • Alyssa is still doing the newsletter and will add VegFest announcement to the newsletter.
    • Suki will be backing up Alyssa on the social media front while she is preparing for her assessment.
  •  Recent SAMACHAR Submission  (Alyssa Sikora, Kyoung Suk Kim) 
    • The board discussed how to access Samachar. 
  • SCHOLARSHIP (Mandy Coates)

       “ Yoga allows you to find a new freedom that you may not have known existed.” BKS Iyengar


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